Tips to Freestyle Rap

There are many styles and genres of music, and freestyle rap is one of the most notable. In order to know to freestyle rap well, you should have a good understanding of words; the ability to put them into songs, tunes, and rhythm; and a good knowledge of beats.

What is Freestyle Rap

Freestyle rap is an aspect of rap music wherein the rapper makes a verbal rhyming poetry and presents it in a song. The main thing to ponder on is that the words are not pre-written. The rapper just makes sentences with rhyming words on the spot. The rapper has to think about the next words and lines when he is singing a particular line. This is the primary reason why it is believed to be the toughest style of composing songs, as it may take years for you to master this art.

How to Freestyle Rap

Increase Your Vocabulary
You will in no way be able to become a freestyle rapper if you do not have a good vocabulary. Vocabulary is undoubtedly the most significant tool of these rappers. As words and sentences are to be sung on the spot, you need to know a number of words that can be used in your songs. You should also learn and memorize rhyming words, which will really help you in mastering this music style. The more words you are well aware of, better are the chances of you becoming a good freestyle rapper.

Get the Basics of Freestyle Rapping Right
Once you have a good stock of vocabulary, you need to know how freestyle rap is actually supposed to be done. One of the most important factors is the delivery of words. Pronounce every word clearly, so that listeners will be able to better understand. Do not be in a hurry of completing one sentence and moving on to the next one. The rhyming words and sentences in the song should be kinda free-flowing. Note down words that you have learned, play with them, and make sentences. Though freestyle rap is all about rapping without pre-written lyrics, it is always better to practice on lyrics that you have in front of you.

Beats are Also Important
With rhyming words, you also need to pay attention to beats and rhythm. Now that you have the sentences and words, try to put them in a song and sing along with beats. You can use a drum machine for rhythm and tempo accompaniment. For getting a better understanding of beats, the best idea is to listen to rap musicians who are very well known to do freestyle rap. Doing so will help you know how words have to be sung and in what kind of rhythm.

Practice Freestyle Rapping
It is well said that practice leads to perfection, so is true when it comes to freestyle rapping. If you want to rap well, practice is inevitable. Practice as much as you can, and try to freestyle rap on anything that you see; such as a person, a thing, an animal, etc. This is how you will be well versed in freestyle rapping.

Participate in Freestyle Rapping Battles
To realize how much you have learned, the best way is to participate in freestyle rapping battles. A freestyle rap battle is a competition which consists of two rappers rapping against each other to insult the opponent with rhyming words and music. The winner is one with the best delivery, lyrics, and crowd response. Freestyle rapping battles are good ways to improvise and enhance rapping skills.

These are some tips that can be used in learning how to freestyle rap. This skill is truly difficult to master, and even the best rappers in the music industry may find it difficult to freestyle rap.

How to Play the Piano

If you want to learn how to play piano chords and other skills, the easiest option to understand the basics is taking online lessons. This article centers on ways of learning to play the piano.

The piano is one good instrument for music lovers who may want to enter into the music industry professionally. It is believed that learning to play the piano is a good option for getting to know music throughout. Piano lessons most importantly focus on the basics of music such as staff notations, traditional tunes, and other techniques. And once a person is well acquainted with the fundamentals of piano music, he can possibly learn to play any kind of instrument. There are many methods to go by if you want to learn how to play the piano fast. The Internet has also made way for new learning techniques.

Learn How to Play Piano Music

Piano Tutor
Getting piano lessons is the most conventional method of learning to play the musical instrument. You can get in touch with a piano tutor in your neighbor and join classes. Just make sure you do a research with the tutor’s previous students regarding the quality of his lessons. This method is quite good if you want to learn the basics and that too by professional means.

Online Instructional Videos
The best part of online instructional videos is that you can learn almost every skill which is available. Unlike a tutor, you can avail piano lessons by various musicians beyond geographical boundaries. There are some good websites that have these instructional video lessons uploaded, one of which is YouTube. By using online instructional videos, you can even learn what is being taught by well-known pianists in another country.

Instructional DVDs
Apart from online video lessons, you can even purchase instructional DVDs by reputed artists in the music industry. You can get such DVDs in any of the musical instrument stores, bookstores, or music shops. Here again, you get quality video tutorials, as per the level of your skill. In addition, you also get lessons about unique techniques certain professionals use in their playing.

Piano Playing Guides
Another way of learning to play the piano is referring to guides. Normally, these piano books are sorted out according to the level of skill such as beginner, intermediate, and professional. They are good sources of basic information such as notes, scales, chords, certain musical pieces and sets, technical aspects, etc. Some guides may even come with general instructional DVDs.

Being with Pianists and Keyboardists
If you want to learn to play piano fast, remember that being with pianists and other music enthusiasts is the most effective method. Discussing and sharing about piano music is an informal, yet very helpful way to obtain good lessons about the skill. You can teach others what you know, and learn from them what you are not aware of. Remember that jamming with other musicians would surely help you in knowing how to play in a band.

Listening to Songs, Thinking, and Practicing
It is a proven fact that if you think about the music you want to learn, you tend to develop more interest in the field. The same is applicable when it comes to learning to play the piano. The more you listen to songs, the more you are exposed to new techniques, tunes, and skills. You can try to play and imitate skills and tunes which you have heard. This will no doubt make you a good pianist.

If you want to learn how to the play piano online, you can even refer to some popular blogs regarding your subject of interest. For playing the instrument acceptably, you can use some or all the above mentioned methods. The more techniques you learn and practice, the more proficient you will become in the skill.

Musical Instruments for Adults to Learn

Does learning to play a musical instrument top your life’s wish list? For most of us, the thought of playing a musical instrument is always exciting. However, our careers, family responsibilities, and social obligations often prevent us from pursuing our interests. It is only when you retire from your responsibilities that you become aware of the unfulfilled desires in your life. So, in case you haven’t been fortunate enough to receive music lessons in your youth, you can still consider the pros

Does it Get Tougher When You’re Older?
The honest answer is yes, it does. For the grown and mature mind, comprehending something completely new can be a bit difficult, but in no way impossible. It will only take a little longer than it would have if you were young. Playing any musical instrument involves hand-eye coordination, steady fingers and elbows, controlled breath, and a focused mind. It’s all still manageable, but only at a slower rate. Which is why you shouldn’t really compare yourself to anyone younger at your learning level.

That said, the level of difficulty of your learning a new instrument is directly proportional to exactly how you want to play that instrument. Do you want something to play comfortable songs with at family or social gatherings? Or do you want to try to do something more serious, like composing your own songs? The former needs very basic training and is easy to start, while the latter can take up quite a bit of your time and money. You’ll have to decide when you pick your instrument.

Choosing a Musical Instrument for Adult Beginners
To put it simply, the easiest instrument to learn for you is the one which you feel like playing from your heart! Yes, if you are really interested in playing something, you will eventually develop a talent to play that instrument. On the other hand, you can rarely excel at playing an instrument you have no interest in. Hence, if you’re really passionate about any instrument, pick it up. If you don’t have any particular instrument in mind, then you can pick any of the following ones.

One final thing that needs to be taken into account is the genre that you are interested in. Different music forms, such as jazz, rock, country, classical, etc., all adopt various musical instruments, which are irreplaceable to the particular music form. Lastly, all the musical instruments are not suitable for everyone. Your mouth shape plays a vital role while playing mouth instruments, like a harmonica. Hence, first check if the instrument that you decide to play suits your physical abilities.

Some of the Easiest Instruments to Learn for Adult

Percussion Instruments

Djembe Drum

One of the simplest percussion instruments to learn and practice is the djembe. It is also very easy to carry around, and can be quite a hit at any party you go to. The only problem with the djembe is that your hands will be sore when you initially start practicing. But as with all instruments, there’s nothing a little practice won’t solve.

Basic Drum Set

The drums will take some time to get used to, but once muscle memory sets in, playing them can be a very rewarding experience. It keeps you in shape, and you play some funky beats along the way!
Stringed Instruments


If you are a fan of rock music, you sure could consider learning to play the guitar. However, at an entry-level, go for an acoustic guitar and learn to play folk music. Guitar is one instrument that can be played at solo performances. What’s more, you can even sing while playing it!


An autoharp is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something unconventional and easy. It’s a great instrument to play chords on, and doesn’t even tax your fingers as much as a guitar.
Wind Instruments


The trumpet belongs to the brass family of musical instruments. Trumpets are mostly in demand in jazz music. They are pretty easy to learn even at the beginner’s level, but require a strong pair of lungs. Apart from that, it is very easy to transport and fun to play. While choosing a trumpet, go for one that does not have a painted surface, because the paint tends to chip off after some time.


The flute is another musical instrument that is very popular. It offers the most inexpensive option of learning for beginners. However, playing a flute may not be easy for some people as it greatly depends upon the shape of your lips. If you have something called ‘teardrop’ lips, then you may not be able to play it, as the upper lip tends to block the air.

Other Instruments


If you can’t afford, or don’t want, a grand piano, then even a common synthesizer will be sufficient. Getting a tutor will be just as easy, they’re pretty common.

The piano holds a unique stance while learning. It is quite easy to begin with. The chords and simpler note plays can be learned fast enough. But it gets much tougher on the intermediate and advanced levels. But again, it is one of the most common instruments, so you’ll have no shortage of learning material for it.


A sweet sounding percussion instrument that’s incredibly peaceful to play, the xylophone is definitely an easy instrument to learn. Of course, there are increased complexities on higher levels, but as a beginner, you should have no problem adapting to the xylophone.
Although we now have this list, I’ll reiterate that learning an instrument will be easy if you’re actually into it. The more you love it, the easier it gets. For example, many people will agree that the drums take years of practice, perseverance, and physical strength. But for someone with better motor skills and a natural sense of rhythm, the basics can be done in a few months. That’s why, in the end, the instrument will only sound as good as your love for it.

Major Elements of Blues Music

Blues is undoubtedly the most popular music genre which has undergone many changes in its characteristics since its inception. Most notable genres of music such as rock and rhythm and blues have been developed on the basis of the contents of blues music. This music was a result of the combination of African and Western cultures in the Southern part of America. Some of early blues music personalities were Bukka White, Robert Johnson, and Bessie Smith. Banjo and piano were the early instruments in this music type.

Major Elements of Blues Music

Melody and Harmony
The harmony of blues music mainly focuses on the first, fourth and fifth chords of a combination. So, if the musical piece starts in the A chord, next chords will be fourth ‘D’ and fifth ‘E’ chords. And for G as the starting chord, the following chords would be C and D. This is exactly similar to the standard relative chord combinations. When it comes to melody, blues music also consists of an emphasis on the flattened third, fifth and seventh notes of a major scale. These notes are traditionally played in a blues scale.

The rhythm is also a unique characteristic of blues music. The rhythm is based on the 12-bar and 48-beat repetitive pattern. The three above-mentioned chords are played for 12 bars. Normally, the bar is divided into certain numbers of beats for different chords. For example, the first chord will be played for 16 beats, eight beats for the fourth chord, and eight beats for the first chord again. This will be followed by four beats for the fifth, four more beats for the fourth chord, finally coming down to eight beats for the first chord. Taking the example of E-A-B combination, the 12 bars can be divided in E/E/E/E/A/A/E/E/B7/A/E/E pattern.

Just like the melody, harmony, and rhythm; lyrics are also to be placed in blues music in a different manner. The verse of a conventional blues song comprises three lines. The first two lines are more or less the same, followed by the third. Most of the time, the first two lines are the same, and have question-like lyrics. The third line, is the response to the first two lines. So, the lyrical structure becomes in the AAB pattern. Singing first two lines is divided among eight measures in a 12-bar, whereas the rest four measures consist of singing the third line. Thematically, blues lyrics concentrate more on sadness and disappointing stories; such as poverty, lost relationships, death, violence, racism, and so on. Hence, verses are in a question-answer format.

Musical Instrument Sounds
Earlier, the banjo was prominently used as the main instrument for blues music. However, in the early 1900s, guitar and piano were added. Nowadays, as this music has become so innovative, many other instruments have been added as a standard. Basses, drums, and harmonica are included in the blues scene today. Using various instruments is the chief reason why there are many branches in blues music found today.

This type of music has been through many modification phrases with regards to lyrics, instruments, and harmony; which is evident in most types of music today. The most popular sub-genre is blues-rock, which is a blend of blues and rock elements. The elements of music in R&B, hip hop, and rock and roll genres are also related to blues music. Many of the heavy metal music is based on the roots of blues.